My name is Laura!​

I have a passion for teaching literacy to young children in the early years. My goal is to foster your child's lifelong love of reading through fun, games and crafts so that they are confident when they enter Kindergarten on that first day.

I have a Master’s of Teaching in primary education. I have also spent time teaching English to preschool and Kindergarten students in South Korea. I am a mum of two primary school-aged children and I also live in East Lindfield.


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My Story - Why I started Little Readers Cottage

The idea for Little Readers Cottage stems from personal experience…as all great ideas seem to do!

My son finished preschool in 2019. During his preschool years, I was led to believe that there was no need to introduce him to letters and sounds until primary school. He loved listening to me read books and he would often pick up a book and flip through the pages. I wasn't worried about how he would go in school. My assumption was that he would just learn to read without any sort of issues whatsoever during Kindergarten. Another assumption I had was that he would take his first year of primary school in stride and thrive at the same time. 

He started school in 2020 and we were both so excited for this next adventure to begin. Now the transition to Kindergarten brings a lot of firsts: first time at big school, first time sitting at a desk surrounded by your peers, the first time following a packed schedule and the list goes on.

At the same time, you are also expected to take in and absorb a whole suite of subjects: Math, Geography, History, Science and of course English Reading and Writing. Not only that but you are also surrounded by 20 to 25 of your new class friends and peers and your one teacher!

It can be tough to do all these things at once and surprisingly it was tough on my son. My confident little preschooler was slowly losing his confidence because he wasn’t able to keep up. Point blank. I remember thinking to myself, how nice would it have been for him to know some of the basics (letters and sounds) before going to Kindergarten. By knowing some of the basics, he may not have been so overwhelmed with school. He wouldn't have been learning so much from scratch

It was halfway through Kindergarten, when after seeing him lose his confidence that I decided that I would design a program for preschoolers that builds their confidence before starting big school. As an accredited,  qualified primary school teacher, I wanted to build a program that gives preschoolers  “literacy tools in their toolbox” to help them thrive in big school but also provide skills that they could rely on when they needed to. These skills would be taught in a stress-free, fun environment with an emphasis on small class sizes (only 5 per class!). I also wanted to use an evidence-based program, a program that is explicit and sequential…enter Little Learners Love Literacy. Little Learners Love Literacy® is multi-sensory and engaging program with focussed explicit lessons, games, crafts, music, puppets, drawing and much more.

Little Learners Love Literacy®  uses evidence-based literacy research that stresses the importance of explicit and sequential literacy teaching from the beginning. This gives children the best possible chance of developing into fluent readers, writers and spellers.


So there it is! My personal goal is to ensure that all children entering primary school thrive and become confident learners who fall in love with learning. 


At Little Readers Cottage, we introduce preschoolers to the world of reading so that they enjoy reading to learn in big school. Fundamentally, we believe that having a basic understanding of letters and numbers will make the transition to school that much easier.

Sound interesting? Please call/text 0448 990 139 to find out more!