What is Little Readers Cottage?

Little Readers Cottage is considered a bridge between Preschool and 'Big School'. This program is designed to help transition preschoolers into primary school by introducing them to early literacy skills that will help prepare them for their primary school adventure. Let's face it - Kindergarten is pretty full on! There is so much to get used to - new teachers, new routines, new friends, new habits. Little Readers Cottage will use play to teach your child letters, sounds and the basics of letter formation and writing so they are confident to embark on their school journey. 

What about play-based learning?

Of course we believe in play-based learning! Teaching letters and sounds can be done using play-based learning. In fact, our small class sizes help us develop lessons that suit the needs of your child in an informal setting. (Dr Kay Margetts, Associate Professor in Early Childhood Studies at Melbourne University)

Why is early literacy and sound recognition important before my child starts school?

By focussing on early literacy before the child starts school, they can be more confident and comfortable when they start school (Dr Kay Margetts, Associate Professor in Early Childhood Studies at Melbourne University). There was also overwhelming evidence that kindergarten-entry literacy skills significantly predicted first-grade reading scores. (Callaghan & Madelaine, Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 2012). One study also found that pre-literacy skills including phonemic awareness was one of the biggest predictors of school readiness (Callaghan & Madelaine, Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 2012). Teaching some letter–sound correspondences or letter names would enable students to more readily transfer these skills to decoding text when learning to read in a formal environment (Callaghan & Madelaine, Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 2012).

Can I attend the class with my child?

Parents and carers are most welcomed to attend the classes although that is completely voluntary. Some parents will choose to stay while others will choose to drop their children off. Please do whatever you feel comfortable.

Can I have a trial class?

Yes, a trial class is 1 hour (60 minutes) at costs $35.00. I will give your child a proper lesson so that you and your child can get a feel for Little Readers Cottage.

Why did I start Little Readers Cottage?

I started Little Readers Cottage because I believe that school-readiness is an important aspect of any primary school journey.

What Program do you use?

I use the Little Learners Love Literacy 'Early Literacy Program'. Little Learners Love Literacy® is structured in seven stages. Each stage is sequentially taught so that children can learn, practise and apply new skills whilst continuously consolidating their developing skills – working towards mastery. We believe that once children can recognise the sounds in words, they learn to map these sounds (phonemes) to the letters (graphemes). Phonics is the process of learning common sound and letter relationships to decode (read) and encode (spell).

Why the Little Learners Love Literacy program works?

National and international assessments indicate that about one quarter of Australian students achieve literacy results at or below the minimum standards. This is a real concern for confidence and further learning. Children learn at a quicker rate if they are taught systematically and explicitly using a synthetic phonics and a structured literacy approach. They know what they are learning and can verbalise it. This theory forms the basis of the Little Learners Love Literacy approach to learning!

What is phonemic awareness and why does it work?

Every aspect of Little Learners Love Literacy® has a phonemic component. The Sound Box at the beginning of every session introduces children to identifying and segmenting initial sounds. This sound is then linked to a grapheme - speech to print. Phonological and phonemic fun activities for circle time are part of the program from the very beginning.

What are your qualifications?

I am a qualified Primary School Teacher with a Master's degree in Primary Education. All of my certificates including my WWCC certificate are up-to-date.

Can I have a make-up class?

Of Course! Make-up classes are available. Make-up classes must be taken during the same term of enrolment and are subject to availability. You will need to book your make-up class with Laura.

What about Refunds?

Fees are non-refundable or transferable.

What do I do if my child is ill?

If your child is ill on their Little Readers Cottage day it is best for them to rest and recover, so please stay home and book in for a make-up class. This also importantly helps to prevent the spread of infection.

Unwell can sometimes be difficult to define. If you are unsure, please follow the recommended guidelines below.

Please keep your child at home:

  • If they are unable to participate in the program as they normally would

  • For 24 hours after they have stopped vomiting or had diarrhoea

  • For 24 hours after a raised temperature

  • For 24 hours after they have commenced a course of antibiotics or antifungal medication


For further information on exclusion periods for illnesses visit: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/school-exclusion-periods


We reserve the right to refuse entry to class to any child who presents with a known infectious or contagious condition. Signs of infection include: fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, a cough with mucus secretions, a runny nose showing greenish nasal mucus, a rash and green/yellow discharge from eyes or from a wound. Thank you for your consideration.

A Class where your preschooler learns to read.

Ages 4 to 6


We foster your child's love of reading by introducing them to sounds and letters through fun and engaging reading, writing, art and play-based lessons. Once the foundation is built, We will help your child become confident readers by exploring sound-letter recognition, blending and segmenting sounds and high-frequency sight words through crafts, games, music and fun!