Building child confidence by teaching young children and preschoolers pre-reading skills so that they are ready for primary school.

Little Readers Cottage uses the Little Learners Love Literacy® program, an Australian-based reading program that is evidence-based and is designed to provide a strong foundation for reading, writing and spelling. The program teaches letter and sound recognition sequentially in an approach that is fun and engaging for children. This program also boosts a child's confidence as they feel success from the start.

How we teach

We teach using a multi-sensory approach to learning. We teach children how to read eading using tactile (touch), audio and visual experiences. As all children learn in different ways, this multi-sensory approach ensures that each child learns in a way that suits them, their skills and abilities. There is also a strong emphasis on phonetics and phonemic awareness.

What we teach

This program begins by teaching children one new letter and one new sound each week through craft, music and storytime. The children will also practise writing the letter in uppercase and lowercase using the New South Wales font.

Once a foundation is built, your child will extend their knowledge of reading in subsequent terms by learning blending and segmenting of sounds and high-frequency sight words through crafts, games, music and fun. The children will also receive readers to take home and practise their reading.

There is a focus on handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension and rhyming as well as numeracy (mathematics) through simple counting games throughout the program.

Class Sizes

With a maximum class size of 5 students, your child will receive individual attention to succeed in learning to read. Parents are welcome to attend the class.

Length of the Course

The full program takes place over four terms. The program can begin any term.

I foster a love of reading by providing
a nurturing, calm  environment where students
can thrive